All About Bumble Bees

'Alex loved his time at Bumble Bees he liked that he got to go for walks and playing outside aswell as making a garage so he could be a mechanic.'

Liz and Alex....

Our opening hours and information about us:

- Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm during term time

- Flexible times available to suit your needs

- Government funding available for all 3 year olds and 2 year olds

- A healthy snackbar and drinks are provided and our children are          

  encouraged to help themselves

- Breakfast is provided for children who start their days early with us

- Lunch for your child will need to be provided and will be kept

 refridgerated until we all come together to eat


'Children`s growing confidence and self asteem benefit from the sensitive involvement from staff because they know them well and greet them warmly when they arrive.'


'Teaching is good. Staff support children sensitively and extend childrens thinking through talking to them. For example they look at reference books with children and discuss together the features of the animals in the pictures.'


`I like playing in the tents and kitchen with my friends and going on our Bumble Bees walks`-Sam...

`I love the cars, drawing pictures and making things at Bumble Bees, the teachers found pictures of the Lego movie and Star Wars - these are my favourites` - Toby..