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We pride ourselves on recognising that your children are all individual and they learn in different ways.


Our qualified and experienced staff will provide a positive environment for your child. We work in partnership with parents and carers to enable your child to develop in those important years before they go to school. We also have a fully qualified Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Health and Safety and Safeguarding Officer.


An enabling environment matters - so we provide children with activities and opportunities to stretch their imagination and learn through play;

music tents, large construction, sand ,water, our mud kitchen, roleplay areas, mark making experiences, group games, songtime, cooking and some quiet space to recharge their batteries! We as a team create fun activities to develop your child's numeracy and literacy skills. These are just a few experiences we offer our children, we also encourage independence allowing them to choose their own activities and toys during the sessions.


Our new premises allows the children free-flow outdoor play daily and for letting off steam and having that all important excercise time, we have the use of a large enclosed field situated within the school.


We at Bumble Bees strongly believe in being part of our community and you will often see us around the village on 'our walks' visiting the park, post office, shops, library or just going to watch and wave at the trains going by...